DeepCyber ​​helps its customers in enhancing contrast effectiveness of cyber threats,
with an "intelligence driven" approach.


DeepCyber ​​and its team of specialists support their customers in a process of developing their "Capabilities" on Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence, Protection, and Antifraud. The goal is to provide solutions, technologies, knowledge as a service with the innovative and pragmatic approach.

The company

DeepCyber's mission is to increase the effectiveness of cyber threat defense, with an "intelligence driven" approach. The Company proposes a methodology based on “data fusion” through the use of various sources of information, both internally and externally, also derived from an international network of companies highly specialized in the field based in USA, China, Russia, Israel as well as Italy.

Our team

The DeepCyber ​​Team is composed of complementary and multi-year expertise people in various industries.
We present some "key people", supported by other professionals and specialists.

Gerardo Costabile

CEO & Founder

Adjunct Professor of Corporate Security and NY Electronic Crime Task Force  (ECTF) member, he has over 20 years of experience in cyber risk, security, intelligence, digital forensics, and compliance.

He was Chief Security Officer and Country Leadership Team Member of BT Italy (British Telecom Group) and Head of Security & Safety at Fastweb Spa (Swisscom AG Group). He also founded and led the Forensic Technology & Discovery Services (FTDS) practice within the Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services (FIDS) of Ernst & Young (Italy and EMEIA Western Zone). For many years CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) of Poste Italiane and cybercop of the Antifraud & Cybercrime Team of the Italian Financial Police (Guardia di Finanza) of Milan.

He has achieved several professional certifications, i.e. Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC), Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT), Certified Information Forensics Investigator (CIFI), Certified Hacking Forensic Investigation (CHFI), recognized in international context.

Mattia Siciliano


He was co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of the Forensic Technology & Discovery Services (FTDS) practice within EC's Practice Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services (FIDS). For many years he worked in consulting companies like EY, KPMG and Mazars.

Graduated in Telecommunications Engineering and Master in Security Management with significant experience in both aspects of Governance / Auditing and Forensic / Investigation. He has worked mainly for  finance, defense, telecommunications and gaming companies.


Ilenia Mercuri

Cybersecurity Specialist - Human Capital

Ilenia coordinates the activities of "Human Factor" assessment and development, with focus on cybersecurity threats of the human element, through innovative techniques of social engineering, gamification & simulation (for example, phishing campaigns, spear phishing, cyber games, etc).

"Cyber criminologist", with 2nd level University Master's degree in Forensic Sciences (Criminology, Security, Intelligence, Investigations) at La Sapienza (Rome) and thesis on social engineering, mind hacking, and spear phishing. 

Honorary Fellowship in “Security&Information”, Department of Law, at “Università degli Studi di Foggia”.

Previously for many years psychologist, psychotherapist and consultant specialized in behavioral addictions (eg pathological gambling, emotional addictions, compulsive shopping, etc.). 

Francesco Schifilliti

External Consultant

Expert in information security, digital forensic and cyber threat intelligence for large companies. He has been the Forensic Technology & Discovery Services (FTDS) Practice Manager in EC Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services (FIDS).
Researcher in the field of Malware and Memory Analysis, OSINT, Intelligence Investigation Techniques, Incident Responding Techniques and Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence. Graduated in Computer Science at the University of Catania and professors in courses and master of digital forensics and malware forensics.

  • Brand

    The origin of the logo.
    We present you the Deepcyber brand!

    The DeepCyber ​​brand was the result of articulated and customized work that could enhance the company's features and core team approach. Our identity is solid, iconic and dynamic. The image is immediately recognizable thanks to its symbolic recalls and the forms that make it.

  • Logo origin


    In ancient times, hexagon has always represented a strong symbolic value (the creation of man-woman, Solomon's seal or the Shield of David).

  • Logo origin


    The 3 triangles that make up our hex, suggest protection but also attack and proactivity and go in three different directions, such as the areas of interest of DeepCyber: Intelligence, Protection, Antifraud.

  • Logo origin

    The triangle

    The triangle at the center of the logo represents an intermediate entity between the substance almost abstract or spiritual (circle) and the material (square) that falls under our senses, as well as the cyber - apparently virtual world - has a repercussion on the real world.